Christmas In July



This Christmas in July, we want to gift you.

A hot summer calls for a reliable refrigerator to keep your food cool and fresh. If you've been dreaming of a bigger upgrade, 

now's your chance to save 10% off PLUS extra bonuses - but you've gotta act fast! This offer is only available until Wednesday, July 31st.







About the Promotion: 


  • No exclusions: The Social Media Cash Discount can be applied to ANY store-wide purchase you want. You can also combine it with our 10% off Christmas in July sale - yes, that's right. If you are buying one of the French Door Fridges discounted for our specialty sale, you can also apply your Social Media Cash Discount to that same order!
  • No combined promotions between Social Media Cash Discounts. To keep things fair, only one Social Media Cash Discount coupon is allotted per customer. If multiple coupon codes are gathered, only one is redeemable when brought to our store. 
  • Up to $100 off on any purchase with any coupon.
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  • Coupon codes expire 60 days after the issue date. This is a time sensitive deal! Hurry and visit our warehouse to cash in for your hard work of connecting with us, liking, commenting, sharing, and endorsing!
  • HAVE FUN! These sales are meant to bring joy and gladness! If you have any questions, please direct them to our site's contact form




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