Fixing A Lid Switch On A Top-Load Washer - DIY Repairs

Fixing A Lid Switch On A Top-Load Washer - DIY Repairs

Clothes sopping wet? Don't call the tech yet.

We're all familiar with the annoying experience of opening the washer to find our clothes soaking wet and still not clean. If this is happening to you, it could be that the washing machine is filling and draining but not spinning due to a broken lid switch - a mechanism that lets your washing machine know that the lid is closed and it's safe to run the cycle.

In this tutorial, our technician, Rowan demonstrates this quick and simple repair on a Whirlpool top load washer. 

Difficulty level: Novice

Time: About 8 Minutes

Tools needed:

1. Safety gloves

2. Drill

3. Screwdriver with straight head

4. New lid switch specific to your model (listed below) 

Part numbers - You'll need one of the following (specific to your model).

  • 3949247 (replaced by 3949247V)

Get yours here:

  • 3949238 

Get yours here:

  • 285671

Get yours here:

If this repair helped you, let us know in the comments below. Please feel free to suggest more helpful repair videos for your kitchen and laundry appliances! 

Dec 26th 2019 Synergy Appliances

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