Dryer Not Heating? Simple Fix - Replacing A Thermal Fuse

Dryer Not Heating? Simple Fix - Replacing A Thermal Fuse

If you've recently noticed that your clothes are taking forever to dry or your dryer is not getting hot, a likely cause could be that the thermal fuse has blown.

This can happen for a variety of reasons. The thermal fuse is essentially a safety mechanism, designed to blow when the temperature gets too high so other internal components won't be damaged and to prevent against fire hazard. If your fuse keeps blowing, it is likely due to a clog in your venting, which we talk about how to safely fix in another video. 

Thankfully, the fuse is an inexpensive, easy to replace part that just about anyone who knows how to use a drill can accomplish. 

In this tutorial, our technician, Rowan demonstrates the simplicity of this fix on a Whirlpool dryer.

Difficulty level: Novice 

Time: 5-10 Minutes 

Tools needed:

  1. Safety gloves
  2. Drill or screwdriver with 1/4" socket (or other depending on the size bolts in your dryer) 
  3. Multimeter
  4. New thermal fuse specific to your dryer model 

This repair works on most gas and electric dryers. In this video we will be using a standard 220V electric Whirlpool dryer. 

CAUTION: Risk of electrical shock*! Disclaimer: We want our viewers to be safe. By watching this video, you understand the potential risk involved in the activities in the video and agree that anything demonstrated is shared with confidence in the viewer's discretion. You agree that Synergy Appliances will not be held responsible for misuse of the instructions demonstrated and that any negligence of Synergy Appliances' to viewers is unintentional.

Oct 29th 2019 Synergy Appliances

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