20 Kitchen Organization Ideas To Make Your Life Easier in 2022

20 Kitchen Organization Ideas To Make Your Life Easier in 2022

An organized life starts with an organized home, and since we all know the kitchen is "the heart of the home," we should be focusing on organizing this central space in order to make our home lives more comfortable and efficient.

In celebration of the New Year, we wanted to inspire you guys with some unique organization & improvement tips we've found that could make your life a whole lot easier this coming year. Best of all, these are all things you can do at any time of year! Enjoy!

1. Lazy Susan for Fridge/Cabinets

Photo Source: Studio McGee

Never reach into the dark depths of your fridge or cabinets again by utilizing a lazy Susan that has the same depth as the cabinet or fridge cavity (plus a little extra room to spin). Get It Here (Best Reviewed for Price)

2. Hanging Rack for Cabinets 

One of the oldest tricks in the book, but still as useful as ever. Really, you won't regret this one. Get Yours Here (Under $20)


3. Magnetic Fridge Shelf with Towel Dispenser

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These will save the day for those of us who quickly run out of kitchen counter space. Keep all of your most used counter top items out of the way and still nearby for easy access.

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4. Industrial Crate Drawers 

We think this is a beautiful accent for any space, especially those that incorporate an industrial/farm house aesthetic. While possibly requiring a bit of a DIY skill, they're super affordable and very unique. 

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If you don't have access to recycled crates, here's something you can start with on Amazon:


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5. Standing Crate Shelf 

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Clear counter space and fridge space by storing fruits in an open crate system. Not only is this affordable and cute, but fruit is actually much happier and lasts longer in this kind of storage as opposed to a refrigerator, says DIY creator and innovator Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault in an episode of CityLine hosted by Tracy Moore.  

Watch the video: 

6. Hanging Rod with Hooks 

                   Photo Source: Better Homes & Gardens 

Perfect for taming many items in a limited space. Also, doesn't it look super professional? Regardless, it's a creative and super cheap way to quickly organize all those pots and pans. The same concept works well for hanging mugs in or between cabinets. We could also see it below the kitchen sink for cleaning supplies! So multi-functional.

Get everything you need here:

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7. Lattice/Accordion peg shelf organizer  

Photo Source: 

This may fall more into the accent/artsy category than just industrial tips and tricks, but depending on your needs, this could prove useful for so many things. Is your kitchen cupboard filled to the brim with mugs? Start hanging them! And why not throw a few bunches of herbs on some of those pegs to give your home a cozy French farmhouse vibe? So adorable.

Get It Here  


8. Extra Fridge Drawers 

Create more space in your fridge with these adorable drawers. They're perfect both if you have a smaller fridge or just for keeping specific items separate for easy access.

Grab 4 for under $25:

9. Switch to glass jars for food storage 

Photo Source: Thriving On Plants

Studies have shown that plastic has lasting negative effects on our health. We can't always control our exposure to the material when interacting with so many plastic made products in our day to day lives, but as glass becomes a more readily available alternative, we can at least choose to up our standards when it comes to prolonged food storage.

Not to mention, this is a great way to organize your foods due to quick visual assessment. 

Start with these multi size airtight jars -- they even have optional labels!

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However, if you're just not ready to part with your plastic, we get that. Which brings us to our next tip...

10. Customizable Peg Board Drawer Organizer

Be the star of your next Tupperware party by showing off all of your vintage plastics with this great organizing tool. You can customize to the size of the space needed for each container, so no space gets wasted. Check it out: Umbra Peggy Kitchen Cupboard, Shelf and Drawer Organizer Tray - Adjustable Storage System For Food Containers, Cookware, Serveware, Utensils and More (Set of 2)

The same concept also works well for things besides Tupperware!

Photo Source: Andreas Trauttmansdorff

11. Pots & pans cabinet organizer 

A pretty simple tip, but these are found to be super low-cost and very useful for a quick organization solutions. Get your cookware under control with this highly reviewed option:

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12. Hanging or Standing Lid Organizers 

Photo Source: Delish

Never dig around for a lid again! And don't worry, we're not about to tell you to put another single towel rack where it doesn't belong. Lid organizers are very affordable and easy to come by nowadays. You can get a hanging or standing one for under $15 (Links below).

       Get a Standing Rack                                  Get a Hanging Rack 

13. Hooks in the cabinet for bulky items

Forget about storing these large pieces in the drawer where they always get stuck and take up too much space. Try hanging them instead! 

Photo Source:

14. Drawer dividers for dry food storage


These wooden boxes are a perfect way to keep dry foods organized and accessible. 

Grab Some Here 

15. Use a Dish Rack to organize lids/tupperware/small items

No need to have a ton of small items floating around in the cabinet or in drawers. A dish rack is a convenient way to quickly tame all of those things that don't have a designated home. 

16. Under-shelf rack for more cabinet space 

Photo Source:

Thank the heavens! No more stacking! This would also work well for spices, plates, and could go in your pantry for storing cans or other packaged foods.

Get 2 for Under $15

17. Create a Measuring Center

If you do a lot of baking or have young ones who are learning how, this organized cheat guide will come in very handy. 

Photo Source: @latigolace from

18. Multi-towel dispenser for aluminum foil, paper towels, and plastic wrap. 

Photo Source:

19. Tea Drawer Organizer

Photo Source:

Tea drinkers know the struggle of keeping the bags organized. One method proven useful is to dedicate a drawer to your teas and keep bags, tools, and other gadgets separated by organizers. 

Snag this really pretty bamboo one from amazon:


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Bonus tip: Use a basket for single tea bags

Photo Source:

 20. Fridge Organizing Bins 

Photo Source:

One of the most frustrating things is "losing" items in the fridge. This is primarily due to disorganization and limited space. Stop running out of fridge space and keep things organized to the max with these multifunctional containers. They're clear and stackable, which is so helpful to be able to actually see your food and know what you have.

That concludes our 20 tips on how to make life a little easier this year. We hope you found some great ideas here. Be sure to let us know if you made use of any of them!

Do you have any kitchen tips that you find make your life a whole lot easier? Let us know in the comments below.


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